Three Must-Reads for IT Professionals

As an IT business owner, you must stay on top of all things relating to information technology. After all, knowing what’s going on in the industry helps your business excel.  You can gain this knowledge through reading trade magazines geared towards information technology.

There are three trade magazines particularly worth reading.  Since they are highly regarded, any IT business owner dedicated to the advancement of the IT industry should read them:

ChannelPro-SMB Magazine has a strong foundation in providing information for IT leaders and VARs serving the Small to medium sized businesses community.

eWeek offers IT business owners breaking news on information technology and wide coverage on technology’s analysis and trends that’s most important to the IT industry.  This online magazine has award winning journalists whose brilliant opinions are worth knowing.  eWeek also gives guidance with the help of expert product reviews to IT professionals such as IT business owners who must make decisions regarding their businesses.

Like its suggested name, InformationWeek is a weekly trade magazine. You will always be on top of IT matters with InformationWeek. There are profound editorials about IT’s strategic side – aiding you in making the best decision for your IT company.

InformationWeek also gives product reviews along with case studies. Over 440,000 IT and business professionals rely on InformationWeek for accurate updated reporting and analysis.

As you focus on running your IT business, take some time off to advance it more by reading these three trade magazines. Your business’ success will be proof that these are well worth the read.

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