Finding the Right IT Management Software

The IT management software industry just got smaller. With the recent announcement by Dell that they will be shutting down any further development of PacketTrap MSP, PacketTrap PSA and Foglight NMS, many IT service companies find themselves scrambling to find replacements for planned upgrades or changes to their IT management software. 

Dell has indicated that they will continue to provide bug fixes, patches and technical support. Nonetheless, it pretty much leaves PacketTrap users on their own when it comes to looking around for an alternative solution.  Luckily there are a few good ones out there. 

Looking at the PSA Industry 
The decision really shouldn't come as a surprise to many; the three products were definitely outside of the company's core offerings. They were acquired as part of their acquisition of Quest Software, and while the change is probably small news for the company as a whole, for anyone who is looking at the cost and man-hours involved for a migration to a new platform this is not welcome information.
While everyone here at EzPSA is of course concerned for the many wonderful people who worked hard to support PacketTrap and are facing unemployment, we also want to assure anyone looking for an alternative solution that EzPSA is up to the challenge. While other companies may change their strategies and shift towards the enterprise side of the market, EzPSA continues to shine small to mid-sized MSP's. 

The EzPSA Difference 
While some companies chase after the big fish and others dwindle and disappear after being swallowed whole, we will continue to provide the kind of PSA software and service that the small size IT business needs. We understand this business; it is why we designed our software with that specific industry in mind.
Come by our site and check out our features today. With one easy to use PSA you can have all the tools you need to reduce your administration, satisfy customer needs and keep track of techs in the field. Contact our support today if you need help migrating your data across from PacketTrap to EzPSA. When it comes to the IT Tech industry, we not only understand your needs, we have got you covered. 

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