Practicing our White Knight Skills in IT Customer Service

We all know that good IT customer service starts with that very first contact. Whether it is a completely cold call from someone looking for information or a referral through a long time client, we know the drill. The desire to deliver the perfect solution is always high on that list, and it should be. We want the products we deliver and the service we provide that supports those products to be of the highest calibre possible. We want them to be perfect. But what happens when they aren't?

While delivering the goods, we tend to focus on getting our clients exactly what they need. In fact, a good IT support business prides itself on anticipating needs and providing them at the exact moment a client realizes that this particular piece of software or tool will help their business enormously. But even the best product can fail. When that happens and you get the panic call, do you have the training and plans in place to handle it?

IT Customer Service to the Rescue!
For most companies these days, their IT is the backbone to their business. If it should go down, so does their ability to run the company and make a profit. We know how critical this can be. When that call does come in, how prepared are your techs to do whatever it takes to get your client up and running?

Are they willing to stay on past normal business hours? Are they willing to work through the weekend if that is what it takes to ensure the company will have its IT up and running at the start of business on Monday? These kinds of decisions can be critical. You need to prove to your clients that you take their business just as seriously as they do.

Building Bridges to Customer Loyalty
Back when I was managing installation for a VoIP company, I worked with a crew that were dedicated and taught me plenty about getting the job done. In addition to installation, we also went out on service repair calls, often in rural out of the way locations in the southern California high desert. These companies would call and ask for our crew by name, because they knew if we showed up we would stay until the problem was solved.

Sometimes this didn't mean working beyond regular hours. But if it did, none of our guys hesitated, though I am sure there were a few wives that weren't happy with us. Every person on that team was the kind of tech who would crawl into any space, climb up poles, dig through old wiring, just to find the problem and solve it.

Sometimes it didn't have a thing to do with our technical installation; the desert has plenty of critters who love the taste of wires. But we got it done, and our clients baked cookies, heaped praise and kept coming back to the company for upgrades and expansions because they knew we would support what we put in.

Do you want customer loyalty at that level? Well, basically even in IT customer service you have to earn it. Getting the basics done just puts you in the same ballpark as everyone else. But when you go that extra innings to make sure that your customer's IT is always at the top of its game, you are a winner.

IT Customer Service Support
Great IT customer service is also easier to accomplish if you have the right tools. If you are looking to improve your relationships with clients and vendors, with an access-anywhere system that organizes everything from projects and invoices to purchase orders and log helpdesk tickets, EzPSA has got you covered. Check out our handy features to see how service automation can make your company a white knight to your customers today.

Guest Post by Denise Loubert

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