Five Tips for Organizing Your Service Business Desk

Five Tips for Organizing Your Service Business Desk
How many times have you said you were going to get that service desk organized? Like so much of our lives, the service desk is both the most indispensable and also most cluttered part of any service business. It is often where everything that comes in the door lands and is also where most of your communications flow for your service business. But because it is such a vital part of the whole enterprise, it is also important that it is organized so nothing important is lost or mislaid. If your job is to manage the service desk for a business, here are a few tips to help you stay on top of that clutter and keep the company organized as well as your desk.

Everything Needs a Home
If you have a designated place for things that are always connected to your service desk, you will find it is easier to find them when you need them. While this may sound a bit obsessive, in the end you will find it makes your job that much easier. No more looking for the storage locker keys or your favorite pen while getting ready to run out for a meeting. No more shuffling papers to find a paperclip for that note you wrote. If you keep all basic supplies in a designated spot, you will soon find that you gain not only the time you would have spent looking for them but also a bit of peace of mind.

Labels Make it Easier
I have always found that labeling files, setting up a labeling structure and then sticking to it means I find what I want when I want it. It helps if you use a small easy to handle label maker that can sit in your desk when not being used. Best of all, when everything is labeled others who use the space can also find what they need quickly and easily. Shelves, files, containers, bins, baskets and everything else that holds anything should be clearly labeled, front and back, to ensure that label is always easy to read.

Take to Meeting Bin
Every office should have a folder or bin for that next meeting. As you go through your day or week, things that would be good for the next meeting can simply be tossed into the bin or folder. When it is time to head out to the meeting – presto! All those great ideas you had are here and ready to go.

Telephone Logs are Golden
It used to be that everyone used a telephone log because so much of our business was done via the phone. Nowadays we use the Internet so much that many of us have let this valuable tool fall to the wayside. If you keep a notepad next to the phone and jot down the time and basics of each call, you will find it invaluable for making sure you have a record of all your conversations in one handy place.

Professional Services Automation Tools
Of course, since we designed the EzPSA as a professional tool to help service businesses stay organized, you can bet we think it is the best tool of all for you. At the service desk you can use it to keep track of client requests, check on the status of current jobs, or even handle purchase orders and client invoices. No matter what size your business is, from a two person office to a world-wide enterprise, if you are in the service business using a handy PSA like our own EzPSA just makes it that much easier to stay organized.

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