Free IT training videos

Certification is important part of running an IT service business for a number of reasons
  1. It shows you know your trade. You can promote your qualifications to your prospects and stand out from the crowd. 
  2. Mixed with experience helps you make the best decision for the client.
  3. If you run a large shop and want to be a Microsoft Certified partner you need employees with Microsoft qualifications 
  4. This is a bit pessimistic but if your business does not work out you have something to take to a potential employer.
Training can be an expensive business so when someone provides free training we have to look at it.

Professor Messer has free CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security as well as Windows 7 video training which you can stream at no cost. You can also download and purchase DVDs of the training at a fraction of the cost compared with other training suppliers. The videos are very professional and Professor Messer knows his stuff.

The format is mainly PowerPoint style but give you good high level understanding of different technologies required for the exam. They did not appear to go into the details of showing you how to configure a VLAN on a Netgear switch for instance. It does gives you enough to know how you might use a VLAN. I did find a couple of links went to the wrong videos but for free you really cannot complain and this is another great resource for IT professionals that I recommend you having a look at. 

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  1. Wow! This is great. I have been planning to start a business where I can sell services like IT Services, computer repairs and etc.. This is worth trying.