Getting the Most from Online Service Desks

No matter what kind of company you run, no matter what size it is, your service desk is your front line with your customers. These days that usually means that your service desk is online. More than likely it is where your customers will interact with you the most. So why would you take chances with a service desk that doesn’t give you the most for your money?

The need for an online service desk is especially true for any high tech industry. These kinds of businesses have customers that need help 24 hours a day seven days a week. Whether your help desk is there to facilitate a return of a product, answer a presale enquiry or track a technical need from an ongoing client, you want your online service desk to be efficient and easy to use.

One of the most common uses for an online service desk is the creation of and facilitation of customer trouble tickets. A trouble ticket is when a customer is having a problem with either software or hardware and needs that problem resolved. The customer portal part of an online service desk that allows a customer to send and view their own trouble tickets. EzPSA makes this process more transparent which helps with your customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at why.

Clients Feel More in Control

Your service desk help your clients feel that they are more in control of what they need from their IT Service company. They can open their own trouble tickets, follow the progress on the problem, and be sure the problem is solved to their satisfaction. Most service desk also allow customers to log tickets via email so even if they do not wish to log into your client portal they can just send an email directly to your dedicated support email address.

From the tech support side, using the service desk software means a problem can be resolved quickly. Trouble tickets opened by clients can be accessed remotely by tech support and handled quickly and efficiently. As demonstrated in our training video on how to use a ticket, trouble tickets can also be opened by anyone who has access to the service desk.

Customer Relationships Are Improved

When customers know that they can come to you with a problem any time, day or night, they will feel more confident about your business. By creating a customer service desk online you open up a relationship with your customer that becomes a two way conversation.

One of the benefits of having an integrated system is that all your information on this client is at your fingertips when dealing with a trouble ticket. This kind of information can be vital in finding the best solution for that particular client. Tracking the time spent dealing with tickets is critical for billing and checking the profitability of providing service to your customers.

Resources are Managed Efficiently

One of the biggest headaches for small IT companies is managing your human resources. Your best technicians are not always available. With online service desk software any technician can respond to a trouble ticket as it shows in the system. With customer generated tech support requests your technicians can handle customer needs quickly and efficiently from anywhere.

As you can see, utilizing all the resources of a business automation tool like the EzPSA can help you grow your business, build client relationships and improve customer service. In today’s modern world every business, but especially an IT support business, needs to function 24 hours a day seven days a week. Your clients expect it. Keep your business growth on track with an integrated software system that you can access anywhere, anytime.

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