Using IT Management Software to Grow Your IT Service Business

Finding IT management software that works for you can be a big step towards growth. We have all been there. Your newest client is looking for a software solution for their inventory problem, an old client calls with a need for expanding the product you service for them, and a golden opportunity is dangled in front of you from a client you have been trying to land for over a year. How do you marshal your resources to handle it all efficiently? This is exactly the type of problem that prevents small IT businesses from growing. If they don’t have the management software to handle it, it can prove a disaster instead of an opportunity for growth. So how does any IT business know not only how to find the right software, but even what to look for?

The Keywords are Fast and Easy
If the IT management solutions you are considering are complex and take up big amounts of manpower to get up and running, look further. Just because a system takes months to get it up and running does not mean it is the better solution. It should take hours, not months, to get it configured and deployed. It should also be flexible enough to run on a wide variety of platforms.

Understandable User Interface is the Solution
The more time it takes to understand the user interface, the more likely you won’t be using it to its full capacity. If users can’t understand the interface quickly and easily they will probably have problems understanding all of its capabilities. Of course, it is hard to use what you don’t understand.

Everything Under One Cloudy Roof
These days we don’t shop at the butcher, then the baker and end our shopping at the green grocers for produce. It is all under one roof called a grocery store. Your software should work the same way. Here are just a few of the components that should reside in the cloud and be easily accessible:

  • Service Desk Tickets and Management
  • Quoting
  • Job costing
  • Tracking purchase orders
  • Asset management
  • Client relationship management

Using an IT Management Software tool that integrates these under one roof instead of having them as separate stand-alone silos gives you functionality where everything you need to know is always at your fingertips. Putting them in the cloud simply makes them accessible whenever you need them.

Can it be Customized?
Sometimes we need other departments to have access to what we manage. Financials needs information on licenses for predictions on costs. Project planners need to see the metering functionality of the software to scale out properly. You should be able to handle this in-house without bringing in the time and cost of a specialist. Consultants should be able to access sections of the software without any complicated workups on your part.

Ease of Use for All
In the end, the best IT Management Software is the one that is fast and easy to install, use, and upgrade. If it is designed to be intuitive to use, centrally organized so everything you need is at your beck and call and yet flexible enough to be customizable with a minimum of fuss, then you have a winner. Taking the time to find the right IT management software today can save you time and plenty of headaches tomorrow.

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