Managing the Online Service Desk

In today's business world, we all expect to have the same fast efficient customer service, no matter what the problem or how we reach for the solution. That is why for any business, the online service desk must function as company representative, diplomat and IT specialist all rolled into one. Having the right kind of software will help your service desk function at peak efficiency when they have learned how to use every element of that software to identify the particular needs of the client, reach out with the best solution for them and implement it quickly with the least amount of fuss. Believe it or not, having the right online software solution can actually help to deliver all of this and more. But it won't do it if you aren't prepared. The trick is:

  •  Making sure it is well organized 
  •  Keeping software configured with your clients in mind 
  •  Training you help desk thoroughly in all the tricks of the trade 
  •  Updating your online service desk software so it is always up to date. 

Organization is Gateway to Great Service
When the help desk keeps meticulous records on every client, it is easy to find just the information you need to deliver service when they contact you. But what if the help desk doesn't? Having software that keeps track of incoming calls, updates client information, and knows the relationship between suppliers, vendors and clients can make this job that much easier.

Also, the automatic assignment of incoming tickets to the right departments can make that initial contact a good experience for the customer.

Help Desk Without the Desk
Since the online service desk software can enable answers to come from a variety of departments, teach your help desk to think outside the box. This means thinking beyond just that box on your desk called a computer. Include your tech and support people who may work from a tablet or smartphone out in the field. They often will have great insight into a problem that your customer has, so make sure they are included in the ticket.

Timing is Everything
When a ticket comes into your help desk, don't let it sit! Getting started on the solution is vital to having a help desk your clients know they can trust. Make sure that they get that initial email that says you are working on the problem. If it looks like it will take longer than 24 hours to fix, let them know. Never leave your customers in the dark about how long it will take to solve their problem.

Know Your Successes and Failures
It might seem obvious, but you should be able to measure the success of your help desk in quantitative measures. This will help you to see what works, what doesn't and what needs improving. You should always know how long it takes to answer a question, resolve a ticket and how to improve that rate. Then do what it takes to make that rate better.

Online Service is the Future with EzPSA
The online service desk is fast becoming the help desk of choice in business. When it is organized to get help quickly, it is a great solution. But when it becomes bogged down with poor organization and lost time tracking down solutions or even tickets, everyone loses.

Using software such as our EzPSA system is a good start. But in the end you need to do your part of the bargain by staying on top of the problems. Train and retrain your customer support staff. Get everyone involved in creating solutions. Most of all, work smarter instead of harder and you will find that the software and your staff will deliver great customer service. More and more these days in almost every line of business, it is the service that separates you from the rest of the pack. When your customer service shines, so do you.

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