How to Get and Keep Great Customer Service Staff

How to Get and Keep Great Customer Service Staff
While every business struggles with finding the right staff, for IT service companies, their customer service staff are worth gold. If you have someone in your customer service staff that seems to always know how to make your customers feel comfortable and cared for, then you have someone who will grow your company right alongside you. This is especially true if they understand how important they are to you and the business. But how do you find these great people, and keep them once you find them? Here are a few ideas on how to find that staff person, particularly that great customer service staff, and ensure they stay.

It's Isn't All About Money
While offering a very competitive salary may be one element, there are plenty of stories about great staff members who stick with lower paying jobs for other reasons. It may be the benefits, it may be the opportunities to learn and grow or even that their boss truly values them. If you have someone on staff now that you know is your star, let them know. Smart employees like a challenge, enjoy taking on more responsibility and appreciate getting recognition for a job well done.

Connect with Your Staff
Sometimes being the owner or manager of an IT service business can leave little time for interacting with the customer service staff. But if you hire them and then walk away, they won't stay long. Being a good listener, letting them know your door is always open, and always attacking the problems they bring you head on will let them know you care and are part of the solution. If you are fair with both compliments and criticisms, they will be the same with your customers.

Watch the Workloads
All too often the brightest staff members are also the ones that take on the majority of the work. Be aware if your star customer service staff member is taking on more than they can handle. Don't wait until they burn out. Sometimes that may mean bringing in a temporary worker until they are caught up, or reassessing the work. Just because they are willing to take it on doesn't mean they will continue to do so. Also, always reward the extra work by recognizing it in some way.

Digging for Treasure
Even if you aren't hiring right now, you should be aware of at least ten people who would make great additions to your team. Get great service at the local store? IT can be learned, but great customer service is an innate sense of being. You may be surprised where your next hire comes from, so always be on the lookout for that next great customer service staff possibility. In the end when it is time to hire, you want to have at least 20 people who will interview for that position. Keep in mind that social media is just as powerful a tool for finding great people as that ad in the local paper. And don't forget that these days customer service can be administered remotely, so your next hire may not even live in your country!

EzPSA and Customer Service Staff
Of course, it always helps if you give that customer service staff the best tools for the job. When you add smart customer support to intuitive tools like our dashboard, you get the best customer service for your clients. This is why we feel that keeping all your staff up to date on the latest training videos for our EzPSA software will help you to have the best customer service staff. We are always happy to answer questions and help you to get the most out of our software. Contact us today and find out how our EzPSA software can help your customer service staff.

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