Tips for Marketing A Service Business

Tips for Marketing A Service Business
If you have a small service business, you probably cringe at the idea of finding out the best way for marketing a service business on the web. Like many business owners, the idea of online marketing sounds complicated. But the reality is it isn't if you know where to begin. The tips listed below can help any small businesses, but particularly a service business, to get the edge when it comes to marketing a service business on the web.

Of course, if you have some smart business tools to keep your business organized, you can capitalize on this increased business. That is where using the right professional services automation software or PSA software can really help. Combine smart marketing online with a great PSA to make your service business work smarter instead of harder and you have a formula for success.

Tip #1 – Tell Us Your Services
All too often when I am visiting a service business website I see the same mistake. Their services page may list their services, but never tells me about them. This is the perfect opportunity to both let others know what it is that makes your services the best and a great way to increase your page rank by giving Google more information. It is far easier for people to find you through a search on Google if you devote more space and words to describing what the services are that you have to offer. Making a list just won't cut it. Every major service that deserves a bullet point on your services page also deserves its own page. Just take the time to write 3-500 words about it on a separate page. You would be surprised how many people looking for that particular service will find your page and from there your company. To be compelling each page should have:

  1. A good description of what you offer. This should be at least 300 words long and include any key phrases that someone might use when looking for this service. 
  2. Pictures tell the story so include before and after photos whenever possible. Think about them the next time you are on a client call and take pics as you go. Don't forget to label those photos so that Google knows what they are. 
  3. Include testimonials. Everyone feels more comfortable trusting the word of someone you have actually done business with. Ask your clients at the time of the job if they would be comfortable giving a testimonial on your service. Making a video tape with your phone can be an easy solution, but even if you don't want to use video, always ask.

Tip #2 – Use Social Media
Every business should have its own Facebook page, Google+ page and Twitter account. These three social media accounts alone can create dialogue about your business on the web. If you have a very visual business such as a hairdresser or interior designer, you might want to add Pinterest to the mix.
These days many consumers will look through social media to find out more about a business before contacting them. If they don't see you on it, they may assume you aren't a good risk. Spending a few minutes at the start of each day on these sites can make a huge difference to your Internet profile. You answer email, why not chat on each of these formats each day to let others know your business is out there and looking for new clients?

Tip #3 - Get Listed
While I am not saying to list your business on every business directory on the web, local ones can be a big help. Add to this any directories that are for your industry and you have a quick way to make your company more visible on the web. Not sure where to find local directories? Why not check out Moz Local and let them find local directories for you. The great thing about these is that you do it once and you are finished. Remember, web users can utilize many different ways to find you and you want your business to be seen on all of them.

These are just a few of the ways marketing a service business online can contribute to your bottom line. While having a website is a good start, don't forget to make the best use of what the Internet has to offer to keep your service business relevant in today's modern business climate. Adding in blogs, newsletters and special events can also be smart approaches to marketing a service business that brings in new customers. Just remember, it isn't brain surgery and plenty of smart service businesses like yours have benefited from these new marketing tools. You can too.

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