Tips for a Successful Online Service Desk

Tips for a Successful Online Service Desk
For many companies, the creation of a successful online service desk can be critical to the health of the business. More and more of your potential customers are turning to the web for many of their buying needs, and when they do you need to be ready for them. Just because more of your customers buy online does not mean you can abandon any of the tried and true customer service rules. You will need them, and more, to make that online service desk a key part of your business. Here are just a few tips that you can use to make your customers next online service desk experience a great one.

Getting To Know You – Your About Us Page
One of the most important pages on your site is your About Us page. While many small businesses tend to ignore this, you should make sure that this page has all the important information any new client or customer may want to know about your company. Before they make a purchase they will want to know as much as they can about you, and you can provide it right here. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store in addition to your website? Then show it. Let them know when you were established, your business values and even your mission statement if you have one. The more they know about you and your business the more likely they are to feel comfortable trusting your website with their business and their credit card.

Make Contact Easy
Your website should have a variety of ways that a visitor can contact your business. This should include a physical address, an email address and a phone number for your online service desk. In fact, if at all possible a quick and easy "live chat" button that connects them directly to your online service desk to answer questions or offer help should be on every page of your site. And remember to make that site easy to read on their smart phones so they can call for help at any time while browsing on their phones. Don't let the next visitor to your website leave in frustration because they couldn't understand something on your site. Always give them a multitude of ways to get help fast.

Always Be Available
One of the things so many people love about shopping online is they can do it anytime that is convenient for them. But if your online service desk is only open Monday to Friday during regular business hours, this can hurt your sales. Be sure that you have staff on that desk from early in the morning to late at night so that they can get help when they need it. Also- for those asking for help via email or phone, make it a policy that your online service desk that handles these requests always responds within 24 hours.

Make Social Media Your Friend
In today's modern world social media has become an important tool in providing good customer service. It starts with making sure your business has the basics: a Facebook page and a Twitter account. It continues by making sure those sites, and other social media sites, are monitored regularly. Customer problems can be identified quickly when using social media to address complaints and take care of them in a timely manner. If you make your social media sites customer-friendly and even add a forum to your site to handle problems quickly, you will find loyal customers who will brag about you to friends on their social media pages. You can't buy that kind of public relations, but you can earn it.

Making the Customer First
Whether it is in your physical location, on your website or in social media, the key is to have your online service desk make sure that your customer's needs come first. Your site should be easy to navigate with an online store that is easy to use. The fewer steps they need to take, the better. Most of all make sure that your training of your online service desk is top notch and they know you value their work. If they are happy and appreciated, your customers will be as well.

Getting Your Online Service Desk Started
If this sounds a little overwhelming, don't be alarmed. Great online service desks start with the right software to support this important first contact. That is where professional service software like our own EzPSA comes in. When your online service desk has all the information they need on clients, vendors and invoices at their fingertips, they will be less stressed and more helpful. With everything from project updates to client backgrounds and up to date status on invoices in one place, you can be assured your service desk has everything they need to make your customers feel appreciated and taken care of properly. Why not check out what our EzPSA software can do to make your online service desk more efficient today? (suggest adding a video demo here)

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