5 Ways PSA Helps Your Business Overcome Remote Work Limitations


Remote work requires you to digitize your usual business processes. This means investing in various tools and software for each aspect of your operations. However, juggling several systems at once can be tough. Moreover, it can get costly in the long run. With a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, you can have an all-in-one platform that serves as your main hub for all business activities.

With remote work on the rise, businesses are scrambling to improve their operational efficiency and optimize their resources to make the setup more effective. As a result, Grand View Research estimates that the demand for professional services automation tools will reach $16 million by 2025.

With that, here are some ways PSA software can help your business overcome the limitations of remote work.

1. Standardize and optimize workflows

Majority of businesses worry about the lack of structure when it comes to remote work. The change in setup can drastically change your workers’ workflow. What might have worked back in the office might no longer work at their respective homes. This can impact their performance and productivity in the process.

Using PSA business, you can standardize and optimize your workflows through automation. It can work on administrative tasks such as entering data, updating databases, revising spreadsheets, and process purchases or invoices. 

Most importantly, automation can reduce chances of errors and bottlenecks unlike their human counterparts. This is because they don’t get distracted or exhausted in the long run. As a result, they can produce the same quality of work all throughout, while also streamlining your employees’ workflow.

2. Promote collaboration

Communication processes during remote work can become even more time-consuming compared to traditional setup. Your employees can only rely on emails, messaging apps, phone, or video calls instead of just simply coming over their desk or workspace to talk with their colleagues. This makes collaboration a lot more difficult in the process.

Fortunately, PSA softwares also has project management modules that will help you organize, execute, and track your team’s projects. Through it, you can assign specific tasks to your members, set deadlines, and share ideas for your projects. Moreover, it will allow you to choose which project management methodology can work best for your teams. With the best professional services automation software, your teams can coordinate seamlessly and deliver projects on time.

3. Monitor and track productivity

With your employees working from their respective homes, it will be harder to keep track of their activities and productivity. What you need is a time tracker. It will give you an overview of how your staff manage their time while working remotely. This way, you feel more confident and assured that your employees are still being productive.

PSA software can provide you with such functions. It allows your remote workers to enter their work hours and report their progress for the day. It can also keep records of your employees’ individual performance and see who is bringing the most revenue into your business. You can even export your PSA’s timesheet into your payroll program to streamline payroll processes. You can check out this list of professional services automation software options available to find out what other time tracking tools they have.

4. Improve client relationships

PSA software can help you deliver consistent service to your customers. It can stand in as your customer relationship management (CRM) system that will connect you to your clients even though your workers are working remotely. It will provide you the data you need to manage all your clients and make them available to your employees no matter where they are.

One good example is EzPSA. It offers a convenient self-service client portal where your customers can immediately access your services in just a few licks. 

It can also send emails to help you nurture your leads and keep your clients engaged. With these features, you can improve your customer service despite the limitations of remote work.

5. Provide fully centralized database

Another issue with remote work is the transfer and accessibility of data. With your employees working from different locations, you must make sure that they have access to essential data, documents, and files. Sending everything through emails can be inefficient and ineffective. You would want a centralized database that serves as a single source of truth for everyone within your organization.

A PSA software can do just that. Since it is an all-in-one professional services platform, you can have all your essential data in one system—from customer data, project progress reports, and employees’ performance data. This ensures that everyone is working on the same data no matter which department or team they are in. It also prevents loss of important documents or files. Moreover, this makes it easier to protect all your data and keep track of them in the process.

Taking advantage of PSA

As more businesses turn to remote work, you must find the right tools and software to help your employees adjust to the new setup. With so much software available out there, you might find yourself juggling several all at once. This can become costly and inefficient in the long run. You should consider using a PSA software instead. With it, you have a single system for everything that your business will need to operate remotely. So go ahead and try it out now.

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