Tweeting Your IT Business to Success: Why You Should Use Twitter

The term "tweeting" may sound silly, but for business owners wanting to increase their business profits, Twitter is serious business.  In many cases, it’s the best advertisement a small business owner can use.  And best of all, it’s free.

Twitter is the definite route to take if you want your small business to reach its full potential of success.  This is because over 15 million people are tweeting daily.  These people are looking for great deals and information on a variety of products and services – your business could be one of those in demand by these followers.  And the best advantage for you is that these followers are the exact target market every small business owner wants: people with a disposable income to spend.

Several small businesses are finding success on Twitter because small businesses outnumber the big companies tweeting. This creates less competition with the bigger companies, which certainly works in a small business owner’s favor.  Therefore, get your fair share of this success by marketing your IT business with interesting dialogue of 140 characters or less.

Don’t go overboard by constantly advertising your business.  This is a turn-off that will lose you followers fast.  Instead engage in casual chat just as you would in person.  Keep in mind, this free micro blogging tool is nothing more than "digital word-of-the-mouth marketing."  Thus, conduct yourself online just as you would in person.  For instance, you wouldn’t talk a stranger to death about your business, so don’t do it on Twitter either.

Nevertheless, remember your purpose for tweeting: to market your small IT business.

Twitter allows you to reach an international level beyond the local or national market you’d only reach minus using it.  This definitely expands your leverage.

One final note about Twitter: allow yourself time to grow a following.  Too many people give up within weeks of joining if they don’t have at least 50 followers.  Only celebrities can grow an overnight following on Twitter because of their influential names.  As a small business owner, it’s going to take more time to brand your business’ name.  Don’t be discouraged, however, because the effort of daily tweeting will pay off when your business profits begin to grow.

So join Twitter and start tweeting your small business towards entrepreneurial success.

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