Put Your IT Business on the Map with Google Places

You want everyone in town to know about your IT business’ existence.  Given this, you may be looking for some affordable marketing methods.  I would t’s recommendable these days to forget the phonebook; this marketing tool is declining drastically.  Who knows, a few years from now, it may be gone altogether.

What you should consider is online marketing.  Unlike the phonebook, the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Most businesses are heading online for all their advertising purposes, and you should too.

It’s recommended that you advertise on Google Places.  It is a brilliant advertising platform for businesses.

Google Places is a free online resource that can work wonders in exposing your IT business to local, national, and international markets.  Just imagine the growth your IT business will experience with an online listing that’s available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Unlike with phonebook advertising, your chances are higher at having a client on the other side of the world.

To get listed on Google Places, sign up for a free account.  You create your own business listing in a matter of minutes. You must provide basic information and choose the appropriate categories for your business’ listing.  You also have the opportunity to give specifics about your business such as hours of operation, payment options, photos, etc.

Google will verify your listing via phone; approval takes 1-2 days.  Once Google approves your listing, clients can type in specific keywords in Google Maps and your IT business will appear.

Don’t overlook this powerful marketing tool.  Google Places will help you expose your IT business to a broader market unlike any previous marketing method before it.  So use it today and keep your phonebook for simpler purposes such as a booster seat for your child.


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