Using PSA to Grow Your IT Business

Does your professional IT business know how to use professional service automation (PSA) software to grow and succeed? As a service business, your IT company is in the business of providing expert help. Your people and their given expertise is the product you sell. When your experts are asked to solve a problem they need the best tools at hand and the knowledge of how to use them.

Tools that will help them to stay on top of all the changes your client’s business is going through. Tools that will allow them to offer the best solutions from initial contact right through to the time when all your client needs is on-going support.

Doing this means you will give your clients better service, and service is what you want to offer them in spades. Here are a few more examples of how using the right PSA software can help your IT business grow both smarter and stronger.

Efficient Project Management 

One of the biggest headaches for any IT business is managing the projects which in turn manage your client’s expectations. When you use PSA software to schedule support, track locations, and keep an up to date record of available resources, your customers feel cared for. When you use it to track expenses and simplify billing, your costs are under control and your project bids are more in line with reality.

Having all of these abilities in one system makes them even easier to control, as you can see here. Suddenly your business is the go-to place for not only your clients, but their business associates. They feel secure in recommending you because they know they can rely on you to provide the IT support they need, on time and at a price that makes sense.

Tracking Problems Quickly

Probably one of the biggest reasons many smaller IT companies use a PSA is to help with customer support. Face it, when your clients have a problem they want you to track it down, fix it and get back to them with the problem solved. And they want it done yesterday. Your PSA delivers an automatic system that tracks all of this, from creating the ticket to emailing the client that the problem has been solved.

The key is to use every aspect of the system to its fullest abilities. Automation should make your business smarter, but never replace the important human touch that every service based business needs to have. But creating support for those humans by giving them the tools to react faster is something any service business needs to not only survive but grow.

Giving Your Clients Access to More

One of the real advantages for many clients with PSA software solutions like the EzPSA is that clients can access the information they need when they need it. Not only does this increase the communication between you and your client, but it also means that your staff is not spending all their time writing up reports that in most instances your clients never read.

With access to client portals that give them the feedback they want in real time, they can not only get what they want at any time day or night, but can understand the information when they read it.  Having access to this information on an as-needs basis will make you a better vendor and them a better client. When they see in black and white the solutions you have provided by accessing their portals to check on their needs, you won’t have to explain your value to them. It will be there right before their eyes.

Are You A Leader or a Follower?

We know that only 10% of the resellers market actually uses PSA software for their IT based businesses. And yet, we also know that those 10% are among the most successful companies. You have to wonder why that is, but I think the answer is obvious. Even in a tech-based business like the IT services industry, there are leaders and there are followers. The leaders are the ones that look at all the options, see what actually works instead of using what everyone else is using out of habit, and moves forward.

We have become used to thinking of our business as person-centric because it is a service business. We forget that the very software and hardware we work with every day can make our own business more streamlined and profitable. If you could cut your costs and minimize your overhead without endangering the service you offer, you would do it, wouldn’t you? It isn’t about throwing every kind of software at the problem; it is about choosing the one that solves your problems intelligently. That’s what leaders do.

Growing your Business with EzPSA

These are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways that you can use your CRM software to help you to grow your IT business. In the coming months EzPSA is going to look at many different aspects of the IT business. We will discuss everything from marketing tips to simple tutorials on the different aspects of your PSA software.

As we do, we invite you to come by the site and find out more about our many features and why we think EzPSA is the best designed PSA software for the IT business.  Stay tuned as we explore how you as a service business, whether it be in IT or another industry, can use PSA software to make your business more competitive.

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