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Even in IT companies, small business development can be a challenge. Here at EzPSA we have found that even with social media having changed the landscape, email marketing, particularly newsletters, remain the best method. There are some great delivery tools for newsletters, and if you want to look at the top three named by Entrepreneur Magazine, be sure the check out their article here.

However, delivery methods aside, the question remains: where to find great newsletter ideas to keep it fresh? For many the ultimate goal of any newsletter is to not only get past the spam filter and be read but to actually have someone act on what you write. In the end the hope is for that sale. This can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Start with Great Content

Have someone in your company that has a way with words? They might be a great candidate to create a newsletter. The important thing is to keep a couple of goals in mind as you gather the important information you want to share. The best newsletter ideas all start with great content. Here are a few tips on newsletter ideas for creating top content for your IT business newsletter.

Present sharable information – Do you know a few tricks of the trade? Share with your readers one good piece of information each newsletter they can use in their business. This is content that gets shared around, so make a list and assign them to each issue. One easy way is to create a series within the newsletter for your tips. And don’t be afraid to ask your readers to share their tips. Everyone loves to see their name in print as an expert!

Write for your readers – Remember that great newsletter you read? It probably said what you needed to hear. Maybe you agreed with it when you read it. If you run an IT service, what do your customers talk about and need to know more about? If you develop software, what exciting things are happening in your industry? This newsletter isn’t to tout how wonderful your company is, that’s called advertising, and nobody wants it in their newsletter. If you have a new product that can help them, that’s great. Let them know. But this shouldn’t be the focus of it.  For a newsletter, it’s all about the readers.

Share great stories – People want to know about their industry. You add credibility and include your readers with a feature on the IT industry around the net. Share some great stories of how IT is improving the world, connecting people, making their lives better. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your company, just a great story that your clients would love to know about. A short note with a link is all you need.

Remind them of old gems – In time your newsletter, blog or emails will have a backlog of great stories or news items that people loved. You may have some tips that are still getting comments a year after they were written. Bring them out and talk about them. Look at old blog posts or customer comments from your site. These are all great stories to share with your customers. And don’t forget to mention what is happening on your social media accounts in your newsletter. 

The Best Newsletter Ideas Give Them Value

Your newsletter should have information that people value. It should be interesting to read and be the sort of thing they will forward to others. To do that, it has to be something people say “Hey- I never thought of this! Jim should see this!” It can even be about a topic that everyone seems to be talking about these days and by commenting on it you make what you have to say on the newsletter relevant to your customers.

Remember, even if your ultimate goal is to attract new clients, when it comes to IT small business development, newsletters are never about actually selling. These newsletter ideas are just one of many tools to build up a conversation between you and your potential or current clients. It builds respect and most of all trust, a thing in short supply on the net. 

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