Customer Service - What Clients Want From Their MSP

Customer Service - What Clients Want From Their MSP
Providing customer service means always being at the top of your game. It also means anticipating what your client needs and delivering it before they even knew they needed it. All too often we are so wrapped up in the tech side of providing our services that we forget the basics that all clients want and expect from any service provider. In the long run, being a great MSP means not only giving them great service but being there on top of their needs in all aspects, not just the technology. So while we may all dream of the latest and greatest technology to provide to our client base, these four basics will never go out of style.

Be a Great Communicator
For any customer service business it is all about communication, but not just any kind. As technology experts we have a tendency to talk in jargon amongst ourselves. However, that should never be how you communicate with your client. When you have gone into your client's site, make sure they know in clear language just what you did and how it helped. Give them enough detail so they can report to their manager and feel that they understood what you did. Make them look smart for hiring you and keep it that way with clear concise communication. Better yet – have weekly meetings to discuss your clients and how you can help them improve. Then report these findings back in a short weekly communication to them to show how proactive you are about their business.

Take Ownership of the Problem
Life isn't perfect and problems will crop up. When they do, don't get caught up in the blame game between you and the vendors. Just man up and solve the problem. Own that problem like a junk yard dog and his favourite bone, and your clients will sing your praises. Never ignore a problem because it will not only not go away but it will simply become a snarly mess that is even harder to overcome. Pounce on it the moment it rears it's ugly head and worry it down until it is resolved. Clients respect this and will feel bragging rights about the MSP they have that never stops until a problem is solved.

Always Be Honest
Be like a Boy Scout and make honesty your company policy. If you take pride in the job then it will be easy to own up to problems, only promise what you can deliver and always deliver when you say you will. Never lie and tell your client what you think they want to hear when you can't do it. If they ask for something you can't deliver, let them know and why. Everyone hates being lied to and your client will feel cheated if you do, no matter what the provocation.

Be A Trusted Adviser
The world of technology is still like the Wild West sometimes, and your clients count on you to be their native guide through it. Use your specialized knowledge and passion for technology to help them be on top of their game in their industry, whatever that is. Your relationship with your clients should be a type of partnership, where they can always trust you to help them find a solution. If they need something outside of your scope of expertise, you probably know someone else who can help. Lend them a hand, network amongst your peers and always be open to new relationships with vendors that may be helpful to your clients.

It's All About the Basics
While we all want to sell the latest and greatest to our clients, the bottom line is that great customer service is about doing what you know is right. Giving good service by communicating clearly, acting honestly and always thinking of what you are doing in terms of what your client needs is always the best approach. When you incorporate these attitudes into all aspects of your MSP business, you can't help but give superior customer service. In the end, that is all any of your clients truly want from you.

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