Utilizing Service Management Software for Change

Utilizing Service Management Software for Change
Work is changing and nowhere is that more evident than in the use of cloud based service management software in the IT Service Industry. Today the reality is that remote work is becoming the rule instead of the exception, with cloud technology making it easier than ever before. While your own company is struggling to cope with these changes, your clients are too. So how do we all use these changes in service management software to make our companies more efficient, keep our customers comfortable with the new reality and at the same time not lose our most valuable asset, our employees, to the competition because of changes in the work environment?

Keeping Your Employees
One of the key aspects of these changes is that the workforce is becoming more fluid. A recent survey by Computer Weekly showed that in the last 12 months at least a third of the technology workforce had changed jobs. Clients build personal relationships with key personnel and so if your clients see a constant change of who they interact with in your company, they will see it as a sign that you are not thriving as a business. But how do you keep your best workers happy?

While almost three quarters of those surveyed said they felt the best way to move up in their job was to move to another employer, having innovative and challenging work was still the best way to keep them with their present company. In fact while the majority of those interviewed said they were happy with their job, 80% admitted they were looking around anyway. If you want to keep the best and brightest working at your company, you need to give them interesting challenging work.

Women in Technology
While women are still vastly under-represented in the technology sector, that is changing. This is a good thing since more women are moving into the decision making levels at many companies and this is especially true in technology companies. As more women move into these important roles, having a company that is well represented by both genders can be a winning strategy.

Remote Work and The Cloud
Another aspect that is gaining a bigger foothold in all businesses but especially in the IT service sector is the emergence of a remote workforce. The development of service management software has made it easier than ever to have your field techs out of the office and working remotely on an almost permanent basis. Dell recently announced their goal of having half their workforce working remotely by 2020, and that is just the beginning. But while you are making these changes, be sure that your employees aren't left feeling excluded and neglected. Here are four important aspects to watch for:

  • Work Environment – Make sure it is safe by walking through the process with them. Talk about having the right equipment, acting safely and that they are setup properly in their remote environment for a safe workplace. 

  • Insurance – If you have employees who work from home, know that their home insurance does not cover a home office. You can have your own insurance company include them in the coverage. 

  • Security – Sensitive documents that have client information on them may be shredded at the office, but what happens at your employee's home office? Discuss with them to be sure they understand that the same level of security needs to be done at home.

  • The Right Tools – Don't count on your employees to come up with the tools they need from home. The right computers, the right tech equipment even simple office supplies should be covered from the office, not their home. Just as in your own office, making sure they have the right service management software will ensure the job is done right for your clients as well. 

  • Schedule Team Time – Don't leave it to chance. Have regularly scheduled times for the entire team to get together, even if remotely through applications. A weekly meeting will keep everyone on the same page and help remote workers not feel disconnected. At the same time, be sure to check in on an informal basis with all your remote workers regularly to keep communication open. 

  • Training – This is such a big part of keeping technology based businesses like ours current, so don't leave your remote workers out of the loop. If you are bringing in new equipment, show them how to use it too. It is all about being inclusive across the board. 

  • Service Management Software – With desktop remote applications like the EzPSA dashboard, your workforce stays on top of everything your clients need, whether they are in the office at their remote home office or out in the field. 

The cloud has given us some incredible tools to stay connected in ways we never imagined. With remote work becoming more common than ever, using service management software like the EzPSA dashboard can make remote workers connected, secure and best of all efficient. And while you are planning your next office party don't forget to invite your remote workers as well as your clients. It's a brave new world and with some preparation, awareness and utilizing service management software to keep us connected, we are all counting on being a part of it.

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